Sanitising (fogging)

Sanitising and fogging is a specialist solution to specialist circumstances and Salus Support Services are able to deal with most situations whereby odour management, disinfection and infection control are required, such as crime scene clean ups, void property clearance and waste removal.

We are able to sanitise and area for infection control and ensure that it is safe from biohazard risk and residual odours.

Salus Support Services also provide an infection control fogging service. This is where a fine mist is pumped in to the affected area, which disinfects all airborne and surface based, viral, fungal and bacteria infections. Our disinfectants are certified to be up to 99.9% effective and are suitable for most locations including hospitals and clinics, schools and nurseries, public transports spaces, workspaces and even residential properties. Of course, Salus Support Services follow all appropriate health and safety legislation at all times and carries out a full risk assessment before the commencement of all sanitising, infection control or deodorising projects, to ensure maximum protection for all parties.

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