COVID 19 Decontamination


Salus Support Services have been working within the clinical environment for over 25 years and have invested in the latest cleaning technologies to ensure we are able to deliver cleaning and decontamination services at a paramount level and fast.

With 25 years of specialist experience in the cleaning industry Salus Support are the front line of defense. We have a responsibility to assist our clients in containing and ultimately saving lives.

  • Latest Technologies – Felmar 100 Dry Aerosol Generator (Fogging)
    An environmental sanitisation solution which lets off microbic micelles of substances such as disinfectants into the air. Thanks to its high speed and strong intensity, the substance reduces bacteria in the environment. By using this apparatus the air and any exposed services are purified. A continuous disinfection process is activated and does not wet or stain surfaces and has a 70% faster delivery time than traditional methods. Among the various techniques experimented and implemented by the manufacturer , this aerosol technology has been found to be the most reliable scientific solution, economical and practical.
  • Tried & Tested Products
    Using a cleaning agent which is tried and tested within our healthcare client sites, an antibacterial sanitiser with advance barrier technology which not only kills 99.9999% of bacteria but protects surfaces it is used on for a minimum of 30 days, thus ensuring surfaces are safe to touch.
  • Qualified & Experienced Teams
    Our cleaning managers and their teams are fully trained and experience who follow procedures which include RAMS – risk assessment and method statement. These procedures allow us to contain viral outbreaks as quick as possible to reduce impact to our clients.

This combination ensures that staff traces of infection on work place surfaces can be dealt with quickly and reduce the chances of onward transmission and cross infection to other staff giving our clients and their staff a peace of mind when in the workplace.

This high level sanitation clean will not only provide full air sanitation but will have focus on touch points including desks, door handles, PC monitors, mice, keyboards, walls, furniture, hand rails, light switches etc. Proven to kill not only surface bacteria but also airborne bacteria. These works will need to be completed in a fully empty environment to ensure maximum protection & impact.

Once the environment has been contained we remove all waste safely and dispose it as clinical waste keeping the whole area clean and infection free.

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